The eco-friendly, economical alternative to single-use disposable coffee capsules.


Will RECAPS capsules be compatible with my machine?

Each product has a compatibility chart featured on its product page. Please check this table carefully before ordering.

How much can I save?

Based on consumption of just 1 coffee a day, original Nespresso capsules will cost around £127 per year*. RECAPS refillable capsules are designed to last at least 5 years, dependant on usage. This means your initial investment will pay for itself many times over.

*(Prices are correct as of 20 August 2018 - Source

Which coffee is recommended for use within RECAPS capsules?

We recommend using a medium-coarse coffee in your RECAPS capsules, however, the flexibility of refillable pods means that you can experiment with any type of coffee you like. 

It is not recommended that you pack a fine-grade coffee too tightly, as this can restrict the flow of the water through the capsule resulting in a weak taste.

If in doubt, we recommend carefully opening up an original capsule that you may have at home, to examine the coarseness and the quantity of coffee grounds used.

How are RECAPS Eco-friendly?

Refillable capsules help to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the environmental impact of single-use capsule production and associated disposal.

Imagine what a pile of 365 single-use coffee capsules looks like!

RECAPS capsules can simply be washed and reused to provide a lifetime of conscientious coffee enjoyment.